Top 20 Best Selling Dryer Parts & Accessories (2022)

Please note this product works on science, there are no moving parts - the hot air hits the cold water and condenses. For it to work effectively it needs some ventilation in the room and the water in the unit needs to be as cold possible (ice would help) ... more info

Universal tumble dryer vent hose condenser kit For indoor use with vented tumble dryers Fits almost every tumble dryer by using the correct adapter 80mm, 90mm and 102mm adapters included How to use Connect the vent hose to the tumble dryer outlet an ... more info

Crease free, 'line-dried' clothes whatever the weather Providing an energy efficient alternative to a traditional tumble dryer, this electric air dryer allows you to enjoy 'line dried' freshness even when it's raining. Completely portable, it uses a 900W ... more info

fluff filters collect fluff that may come off your clothes during the drying process. This in turn prevents the fluff from clogging internal parts of your dryer. If yours is damaged or split then replace it today with our genuine Hotpoint replacement to p ... more info

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